Guerlain Parure De Lumière Light Diffusing Foundation Review

Guerlain Parure De Lumière Light Diffusing Foundationimage

Price: HKD308 (Groupon) | HKD488 (RRP)
Volume: 30ml
Shade: Beige Clair (02)
SPF: 25

As an update to my Groupon purchase, I was able to give this foundation a good run and although the fragrance part does ring quite true — as it does with Guerlain products in general — the scent dissipates quickly after application; I lucked out here as I didn’t experience any breakouts or itchy patches after using this foundation, but even with that in mind I would prefer that either they tone down the fragrance, or even better yet, eliminate it from the formula altogether because aside from that point, this is still an awesome foundation!

Being a lightweight and long-wearing foundation, Parure de Lumière makes skin appear natural, radiant, and luminous without looking oily or greasy; the coverage is buildable from sheer to medium depending on your application methods (i.e. finger vs sponge vs brush), though it leans more towards a light-medium to medium application and I feel that this is definitely more of a luminous, dewy finish. As well, it is also one of the more forgiving foundations on dry patches and flakiness – especially after a half hour or so because it blends into your skin. It lasts a good 8.5 hours — or, a full work day — on my skin; I always set my foundation/bb creams with powder so really, I get closer to ten hours of wear.

imageOn another note, I feel that in terms of the shade selection, although Beige Clair (02) works for my NC15-20 skin, it does lean a little pink and so had it been offered as part of the Groupon selection, I would’ve chosen Beige Pâle (01) instead. I tend to have to choose the lightest and more neutral tone foundation shade as it normally suits my skintone better, plus I factor in the likelihood of oxidization (and the usage of blush, bronzer, contouring and etc.) by the afternoon where I could end up about a shade or two darker. To rectify this situation, I could probably mix a drop or two of one of my lightweight foundations in a lighter shade, such as my Le Mètier de Beauté foundation, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation or my trusty Revlon Colorstay.

All in all, Parure de Lumière works very well for me, and I can see it working well with those who have normal, dry, or even combination skin; in addition, with some help of oil-absorbing loose powder or mattifying primer, it could even work for those with oilier skin. I would put this on my re–purchase list if it were a) offered through Groupon again and that shade 01 was available or b) if they happened to make an unfragranced version. However, if you happen to be sensitive to fragrances or you’re just not a fan of having scented cosmetics, you might have to pass this one as although it dissipates quickly upon application, it’s definitely not subtle so say the least as floral fragranced products are Guerlain’s signature.

Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls of Power Review

Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls of Power

Price: HKD338 (Groupon) | HKD480 (RRP)
Volume: 25g
Shade: Medium (3)

Housed in their iconic silver tin with 2015-12-19 09.26.24
embossed floral prints, the Guerlain Météorites are a luxury item that every woman should have in their makeup arsenal.

Through Groupon, I got the Medium (3) Météorites; although I’m quite fair (NC 15-20) and according to many (and I mean many) blogs and reviews out on the web, I should actually be matched with Clair (2) instead; I’ve swatched Clair (2) and Blanc de Perle (1) on my face at the counter and frankly, I prefer the Medium because it added a hint of warmth to my otherwise fair complexion that can look a little washed out and sickly without overloading on my blush. With the Clair (2) and Blanc de Perle (1), indeed my skin looked brighter but I didn’t like how the sheen made me look more pale than usual.

2015-12-19 09.25.30With the Météorites, I’ve been able to use them on their own, over my foundation + powder and over my foundation as a setting powder. Personally, I prefer to dust the Météorites over the foundation + powder combination as it settles on top of the powder as an illuminating sheen; when I dusted it as a setting powder, the illuminating sheen just melted into my combination-dry skin combination where on my T-zone area it looked shinier than usual; as such, it doesn’t do much for oil control.

I’ll note here that the warmth the Medium (3) adds is subtle and a light sheen; even with my complexion, it didn’t look like I had brown splotches or something. In fact, once you lightly dust them over your face, the shimmer that you get from the little Météorites is extremely subtle; it’s only obvious that you’ve dusted this on when the light hits your face at the right angle, thus emitting a beautiful glow 🙂

All in all, the Météorites are a beautiful luxury item that every lady should get for their makeup arsenal, as the glow is subtle but radiant at the same time; your skin looks smoother and illuminated. When all you need is a little swirl of a fluffy brush into the Météorites and onto your skin, frankly, one tin of this is going to last for a long time so I’d think of the price point as a kind of investment 🙂 However, if you’re a fan of a glow that a little more obvious, you’ll have to look into highlighter creams, sticks and lotions to help you out there <3

Groupon Bargain: Guerlain <3

Groupon Bargain: Guerlain <3

Hello fair readers!

I’m excited to let you all know about my latest find: Guerlain products on Groupon! Now, normally Guerlain products are a) not completely available on Sasa and b) not exactly budget friendly; as such, Guerlain hasn’t exactly been on my beauty radar for those two core reasons. In addition, I didn’t know what to really feel about getting (expensive) beauty products off of Groupon, so the whole situation felt iffy to me.

Yet, when I saw these two lovelies on Groupon, I couldn’t help it:

  • Guerlain Parure De Lumière Light Diffusing Foundation (02 Beige Clair)
  • Guerlain Météorites Light Revealing Pearls of Power

Now, although I haven’t actually swatched the foundation (now that I think about it…probably not the smartest move I’ve made to date), but in my defense, I did Google the swatches extensively and they seemed fairly close to what I normally would use (MAC NC15-20).

In addition, I tried looking high and low for the colour choice for the Pearls on the Groupon website, but alas, nothing turned up. However, my culminating research on the Pearls led me to understand that the shade difference between the first 3 choices are extremely subtle; as such, I can (again) probably get away with it LOL <3

I’m waiting with bated breath to pick up the Pearls this week and my friend to pick up the foundation for me because I won’t be in town when the pick up period starts for the foundation <3

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