Travel Beauty (Part 2)

Travel Beauty Part 2

Beauty and skin care on the go for a couple days or possibly even a couple months can mean many things to the modern girl. Do I pack the full bottle of my favorite serum or squirt some of it into a travel bottle…and risk not having enough near the end of my trip? Should I bring this foundation or that one? How many eyeshadows should I pack?

The train of thoughts here on this alone are endless.

To avoid annoying the crap out of myself during my trip, I tend to do the following:

  • Plan out my skincare and beauty routine based on the number of days that I will be away (i.e. 1 week vs 1 month makes a huge difference in what I end up packing.)
  • Identify the essentials and non-essentials and from there, figure out just how much I can or am willing to bring. For example, I make sure that I bring all of the creams, lotions, medications that I need in case of a skin flare-up – this is an essential for me. As I have very sensitive skin I have to make sure that the products I use are what I am not allergic to and will be a good backup in case anything happens; for the most part, I need to be self-sufficient in terms of what I bring with me so that I don’t have to spend extra money at the local pharmacy or wonder if X medication will have the same effect as the Y medication that I left at home or whether I’ll be able to find a good alternative locally altogether.

    For these items, and if possible, I try to bring the full-sized bottle whenever possible, but I’ll add… logic does prevail here. 🙂 On the other hand, non-essentials to me would be something like an eyeshadow or lipstick. Those can be easily (and relatively cheaper for the sake of the argument here) replaced and definitely a reason for me to hit up the drugstore for sales 🙂

  • Scale down my makeup items and incorporate good multi-taskers. For example, since I brought my NYX stick foundation along on my trip, I could just bring the one tinted moisturizer or foundation, or neither of those if I’m feeling particularly good about my skin’s condition and feel like I could just go with a light coverage. In addition, I would bring an eyeshadow palette that would enable me to go from a day to night time look; for this I brought the NYX Butt Naked Eyes set because it has a full eyeshadow palette, blushes, bronzer and highlighter selection all in one box 🙂
  • Remember those little sample packets of skincare products that you got with your purchases? It’s tempting to not use them right away, I know, but save those for trips! You get to try new products out and minimize the litany of bulky bottles in your bag 🙂
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