Marcelle BB Roll-on Concealer Review

Marcelle BB Roll-on Concealerimage

Price: CAD20.99
Shade: Light to Medium

As someone who suffers from dry-ass eyes and dark circles from seasonal allergies, finding the right undereye concealer for the season/skin condition that I have has been an uphill battle; they either settle into my fine lines or look all patchy, dry or gross midday. From my Marcelle haul, I wanted to give this clicky-pen roller ball undereye concealer a shot because I fell in love with their BB creams to begin with.

I had lots of fun trying this out for the past couple of days to see if this concealer delivers on its promises to cover blemishes and under-eye circles, lift and tone the skin, calm redness, add hydration and protect from environmental damage, all the while brightening up the undereye area.

With a smooth and creamy texture, the roller ball cools down the orbital area as it is applied and I love how it feels on my skin in the morning <3 I gave the pen a couple of clicks when I first used it, but afterwards, two clicks dispensed enough product for both of my eyes; I applied the concealer directly with the pen and blended it out with my ring finger.

The formula, much like its BB cream counterpart, is very hydrating and my eye area stayed hydrated throughout the whole work day; I also noticed that regardless of whether or not I set the undereye area with powder or not, the coverage lasts throughout the whole work day without becoming patchy, setting into fine lines or just plain looking dry and ashy.

All in all, I will repurchase this product based on its effectiveness, shade and price point <3 If like me, you have sensitive skin and you suffer from seasonal allergies that leave you with dark circles, give this a shot 🙂 I can’t promise that this will be the answer to your particular predicaments, but I do feel that it’s one step closer to happiness <3

Editor’s note: I just got an update from Marcelle over Twitter that they’ve actually discontinued this product and instead they’ve got the CC Corrector + Concealer stepping up to the plate.  I’ll try to get my hands on this and try it out — will keep you guys posted! ❤️


    1. Hello! Do give this a shot and pair it with Marcelle’s equally popular and amazing BB cream! It did wonders for my normally dull complexion 🤓 Thanks for dropping by ❤️

      1. I will definitely look into that! I’m using the Rimmel matte BB cream at the moment which I mix in with my liquid foundation, but once that’s gone I will give this one a shot, watch out for a review on how I get on, too! 🙂 x

  1. Too bad I can’t get Rimmel products here in Hong Kong; I’ve always wanted to try out their foundations/bb creams! Will be checking your blog for reviews 🤓🤓

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