Eve Lom Moisture Mask Review

Eve Lom Moisture Maskimage

Price: HKD950
Volume: 100ml

Having gotten this from Mama Cappuccino, I was lucky to be able to really try this wonderfully hydrating face mask from Eve Lom. Housed in a heavy, thick and opaque glass jar, the face mask is a cool jelly texture that hydrated and soothed my skin once I was done putting it on.

I applied this at night after cleansing and exfoliating my skin; I applied a light layer and then left it to absorb for around 15 minutes before lightly tissuing off any excess product before applying my evening skin routine. My skin only absorbed as much moisture as it required rather than being overloaded and overwhelmed which is easily done if your skin is oily. I’ll note here that the jar doesn’t come with a spatula so one would have to either use their fingers or another spatula in their arsenal. In terms of a fragrance there was no distinctive scent and my skin didn’t get irritated or any red, itchy patches.

Afterwards my skin is soft, smooth and bouncy and most importantly, in addition to a significant moisture boost, I did not end up with a breakout or any adverse reactions. I feel that this mask might be slightly wasted on oily skin but those with normal, combination and dry skin will thoroughly enjoy this product.

All in all, albeit pricey, I hope to put this on my future purchase list if and when Groupon has a deal on for this lovely product because it’s definitely a keeper 🙂


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