Frédéric Fekkai Technician Color Care Set Review

Frédéric Fekkai Technician Color Care Setimage

Price: HKD295 each
Volume: 236ml

After going through a full head of caramel highlights since late January/early February of this year, I’ve had some touch ups done to keep that beautiful warm colour in check <3 However, I noticed that my hair has been feeling a little dry and lackluster both in texture and feel; as such, I tried out a shampoo and conditioner set from this amazing company and I am definitely impressed because my hair has resumed its usual radiance and soft texture since using it for approximately three weeks 😀

Let’s take a look!


Specially formulated for protecting hair that has had some colouring treatments done, it is a rich formula infused with antioxidants and pure grapeseed oil — an ingredient that I feel had a significant impact on my hair’s recovery without leaving it feeling greased up or too heavy if I were to simply rub the oil directly onto the ends of my hair. In addition, this shampoo helps prevent the appearances of colour fading whilst maintaining my hair’s radiance and shine. I love the light crème rose scent that this shampoo has because although I’m not usually one, if ever, to choose a scent for my hair and body products — and a rose one at that too — I felt that the scent was not overpowering at all and it maintained a soft, feminine clean hair scent even the morning after 😀


Once again, as a part of the Technician Color Care set, this product is formulated to help keep colour-treated hair looking captivatingly radiant and to extend the time it will take for that beautiful coloring job from fading too soon; I felt that this conditioner was excellent as a partner to the shampoo as my colour treatment still looks as shiny and strong as it did from my touch up in May 😀

All in all, I’m definitely repurchasing this set and for those of you in Hong Kong, they’re actually only available at Lane Crawford (here and here); if you’re in the US or elsewhere, you can source it out online or at your local drugstore 😀

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