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imageOn the Internet, I’m known as Ms. Cappuccino. I can’t deny that I love me a good cup of cappuccino with a biscotti on my (rare) days off from work.

I’m a cosmetics & skincare junkie who spends ridiculous amounts of time on Pinterest, Polyvore, Netflix and Etsy. I’m also a huge lover of literature, thunderstorms (when I’m not in it), makeup videos and reviews, foreign films and travelling (when my wallet is feeling healthy after a potential skincare/cosmetic splurge 🙂 )

I named this blog as Cappuccinos and Biscottis because as much as I would love a cup and a biscotti (or two!), sometimes I just don’t have that time in my day to just stop, pause and indulge in that process. I love to talk about recent cosmetics and skincare finds from a large range of companies; as long as it doesn’t make me break out into hives/pimples/angry patches of itchiness from hell, I don’t discriminate 🙂

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