Benefit Erase Paste Review

Benefit Erase Pasteimage

Price: HKD240
Shade: Fair 1

Along with the Fake Up Concealer, I also bought the Erase Paste in the hopes of tackling super dark circles come the time for allergies and sleepless nights LOL

Housed in a glass jar, the Erase Paste also comes with a small spatula which I found to be quite thoughtful for beginners to carefully scoop out what is needed — and in this situation, less is definitely more. The pink paste is slightly tacky but quickly softens up when warmed up with one’s fingers before dabbing on the product. I found that with this product, it’s much easier on your undereye skin if you warm the product up with your ring fingers first before application as it helps blend out the otherwise tacky texture.

I’d like to quickly note here that the pinkness of the paste is meant to cancel out the dark, bluish area and even it out and not necessarily brighten it up per se; I would suggest perhaps swiping on a lighter coloured undereye concealer (i.e. YSL Touche Éclat) on top for a further brightening effect. As such, when I read on other blogs that this could be used on other parts of the face, I tried it out and decided that it didn’t fare as well as cream-to-powder concealers/foundation sticks (i.e. Benefit Playsticks) in terms of its staying power so I would personally relegate this for my undereye area only 🙂

In terms of application, I would suggest to work with a little bit at a time to build up your desired coverage as opposed to one thick layer as the product has quite good coverage with a small amount. Much like the Fake Up concealer, I preferred to dust on a bit of loose powder to ease off some of the tackiness and prevent it from settling into my fine lines. Having both the Fake Up Concealer and the Erase Paste, I noticed that the former is thicker in consistency and provides more coverage, whereas the latter is much more emollient and provides more of a brightening effect.

All in all, I found this concealer to be a good investment in the long run…as it literally will last for quite a while considering the small amount that I need for my eyes! <3


Benefit Fake Up Concealer Review

Benefit Fake Up Concealerimage

Price: HKD260
Shade: Light

Continuing with my Benefit kick, I’ve given this concealer a full test run on my dry undereyes that most definitely need a fake-it-till-you-make-it jump start in the morning 😀 Combining a wonderful hydrating outer ring with a creamy concealer in the middle, the product promises to conceal dark circles and reduce the appearance of fine lines without looking pasty and heavy.

In regards to the packaging, it’s travel-friendly as it’s in a lipstick tube where all you have to do is pull off the cap, twist the base to push up the product and swipe it on 🙂 I find that this concealer works best when you apply it directly with the tube as opposed to using a brush as it would be slightly more difficult to blend the inner and outer ring product evenly as a result. Onto the product, the concealer has a semi- thick consistency, while the outer ring has non-greasy but hydrating properties such as Vitamin E and Apple Seed extract, where when combined with the concealer, you get a buttery smooth concealer that glides on easily and blends well quickly; I noticed that there’s no need to warm up the product with one’s fingers prior to application and the only motion I had to do after swiping it on my undereyes directly from the tube was to use my ring finger and lightly tap it in and blend it out.

The concealer held up well in the humid weather of Hong Kong for my regularly dry, tired eyes; I do notice however that if I were to not set the concealer with a bit of loose powder in the morning, it tends to crease up in my fine lines…and disappear by 2-3pm — which is a feat on its own given that I put on my makeup at 6am. 🙁 Once I dust on a bit of loose powder, the concealer lasts longer and I find that it still manages to look natural with the loose powder 🙂 I find that I actually prefer this concealer to the Benefit Erase Paste for the sheer ease of usage, but not in terms of coverage per se.

All in all, I would repurchase this concealer as my regular go-to product for giving my dry and tired eyes an extra but natural boost; if my dark circles were to get darker as a result of allergies or just plain not getting enough sleep, I think I would reach for the big guns instead — specifically theBenefit Erase Paste 🙂

Benefit Playsticks Review

Benefit Playsticksimage

Price: HKD320
Shade: Spin The Bottle (Light Beige)

Continuing with my Benefit kick, I was in the market for a spot concealer and my eyes landed on this cream-to-powder formula; with a silky, satin-matte finish, it’s an all-in-one product where according to the Benefit website, you can use it as a concealer, foundation and powder; normally, I like to use loose powder to set everything afterwards so this powdery effect is a way for one to use less loose powder afterwards as the formula dries to a fine powdery finish.

In terms of the packaging, it comes in a travel-friendly metal tube that seems to be able to take a bit of a beating when I throw it in my makeup bag or travel bag and it still looks unscratched 🙂 I chose the lightest shade for my NC 15-20 complexion; I noticed though that the majority of the shades in the playsticks series are on the lighter side with a warm undertone. Therefore, if you have a cool undertone or darker skin color, this might not work well and I would suggest that you give NYX (concealer or foundation) or Bobbi Brown a shot instead 🙂

Onto the product’s texture, as a cream stick foundation it is emollient and easily glides across the skin, making it a dream to apply and blend. In addition to not feeling heavy or cakey, even though it’s such an emollient formula, it may feel a little sticky during application but it will not feel greasy or give you a shiny oily appearance afterwards because like what I noted earlier, it quickly dries to a matte-but-not-flat powdery finish. I would like to note here that it’s important to blend the concealer well when you use it after putting on your foundation, otherwise there’s a chance of it oddly standing out from the rest of your complexion as it has already dried to a powdery finish before you dust some loose powder to set the rest of your face. Interestingly enough, perhaps it’s because my cheeks are drier than the rest of my face, I didn’t have any issues with the concealer transferring as my skin held onto the product quite well.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with this product and with one tube, it’s going to last quite a while as I mainly use it as a concealer 🙂 Once I do finish up using it, I’m going to repurchase this without a doubt <3

Benefit POREprofessional Pro Balm Review

Benefit POREprofessional Pro Balmimage

Price: HKD280
Volume: 22ml

It’s been a busy, busy week at work and with physio for my bum ankle; I finally have time to sit down and write a review 🙂

I’ve been on a Benefit kick recently and I’ve had time to try out some of their star products; this Balm was a complete surprise and godsend during this humid weather. Housed in a travel-friendly plastic squeeze tube, the packaging is cute and iconic of the Benefit brand; the product itself is a gummy light brown-nude paste that spreads easily with just using one’s fingers. The Balm’s main function is to minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines and interestingly enough, it can be used under or over makeup.

Upon application, I noticed that the balm has a silicone-smooth consistency that melts into the skin and leaves behind a smooth surface that is almost powdery — not dry — to the touch. For my combination-dry skin, I only used this balm on my T-zone and nose area; I would like to note here that this balm is not as good in the oil-control department because…that’s not its department LOL 😀 It’s meant to smooth over pores and lines to give you a flawless canvas; if you’re looking for oil control, it’d be better if you layered a mattifying base with this Balm to get the effect that you need to keep the oil at bay 🙂 However, since this is quite silicone-heavy, please do go get a swatch at your local Benefit counter first — or even better yet, a sample tube — before taking the plunge 🙂 I completely lucked out though, and my sensitive, combination-dry skin didn’t break out or anything 🙂

Personally, I like to use a bit of my mattifying base before adding a tiny amount of the Balm on my t-zone, nose and the small immediate surrounding area where my pores are the most obvious before I apply my foundation; my complexion looks HD smooth, mattified yet hydrated; in addition, this Balm definitely helps to minimise the appearance of those huge pores, while creating a smoother canvas for me to work on! As a side note, I don’t particularly like to use it for touch-ups because I feel that the Balm tends to slide off and cause weird smudges on my skin, especially if I’m getting sweaty and oily in hot and humid weather.

All in all, I’m glad that I picked this Balm up from Benefit and I will be reviewing their other star products very soon <3


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