No. 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask Review

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask2015-08-14 20.09.50

Price: US16.99 | HKD130
Volume: 100ml
Skin type: Dry/Very Dry Skin

As someone with skin that has a tendency to flake up and look super dehydrated that could be affected by a variety of environmental (i.e. low humidity, geographical location) or physical factors (i.e. stress, not drinking enough water, etc.), you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m always on the hunt for a great hydrating mask that won’t break me out at the same time, based on its high moisturizing properties.

Along with the No. 7 Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue, I picked up this little gem at my local Mannings in hopes of moisturizing my flaky skin. Encased in a clear chubby plastic pump bottle, the mask is swirled together and it is easy to tell if you’re about to hit the bottom of the bottle from use. I have brought this bottle along on trips and although it is slightly chunky, it was fairly easy to tote along. As you can see in the picture, it’s been a while since I bought this mask and I still have quite a bit left over 🙂 You only really need one pump of this for your entire face and you will be good to go 🙂 I woke up to happily bouncy and hydrated skin every time I used it, without fail 🙂

Upon application, there is a very subtle clean scent that this mask has and frankly, it lasted for the period of time that I left it on my face. It was a very soothing, natural scent that did not break me out or leave me with itchy patches. Bear in mind that this mask is meant for dry to very dry skin, so it might be slightly too moisturizing to be used during the summer for combination-dry skin girls, but it is definitely a godsend during the fall/winter months.

I will most definitely repurchase this mask once I’ve completely used it up 🙂

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue Review

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue2015-08-04 21.57.57

Price: HKD95
Volume: 15ml

We’ve all had it happen to the best of us; it doesn’t matter how diligent we are with our diets, our day and night time skin care routine and the whole nine yards – our hormones can and will throw our skin conditions under the bus and we’ll wake up to a pesky pimple that wasn’t there the night before.

Before you go off wailing, roaring, or rummaging for the thickest concealer you can find, take a step back to try this amazing product out!

I started using this spot treatment around four years ago when I discovered that my local Mannings had a separate rack set up with No. 7 products; this is my fourth tube so far. I kept repurchasing this item because it:

  1. helped take down the swelling of the blemish and when I reapplied it another two or three times through out the day, the blemish considerably shrank compared to other treatments that I have tried when applied with the same consistency.
  2. goes on clear and dries clear so I can use it even under makeup without it pilling; I did, however, apply a thin layer and let it dry before I applied my primer.
  3. didn’t leave me with an allergic reaction or an even worse breakout like Oxy did 🙁

This little pimple buster is available online on the Boots website and in terms of physical locations, wherever they have set up shop (i.e. Mannings in Hong Kong, Walgreens in the US, etc.) 🙂

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