Dr. G Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Mask Review

Dr. G Aquasis Water Vital Sleeping Maskimage

Price: HKD248 (Sasa) | HKD310 (RRP)
Volume: 80ml

I’ve only recently started delving into sleeping masks since my Fancl Overnight Brightening Mask that left me only hungering for sleeping masks that serve a variety of purposes.

Now, between Dr. G and the über popular Laneige Sleeping Mask, I decided to go with the former rather than the latter because after a quick swatch at the counters for each respective product, it came down to whether the product being (nearly) scent-free or not. I wanted to play it safe since I was going to leave an actual mask on overnight, and the risk of me leaving any potential irritations or blotchiness till the next morning was inevitable, so Dr. G. it was 😀

Housed in a plastic tub with a screw-on lid and accompanied with a little plastic spatula, the packaging itself really is nothing to write home about aside from the fact that I can really see myself throwing this in with my luggage for trips out, since I’ll be needing extra hydration post-flight 😀 The product is in a light aqua blue gel in texture and cooling upon application; I didn’t feel anything alcohol-based because of its cooling texture and the scent, if any at all, was undiscernable.

The morning after was simply glorious; my skin was delightfully plump and hydrated and my t-zone glowy radiant, as opposed to greasy 😀 I dutifully put on the sleeping mask every night, even after the fact that I’d already applied a hydrating sheet mask followed by my regular skincare; I experience zero breakouts and I feel that my skin is much more supple and bouncy with every application <3

This was definitely a surprise purchase that went very well, and it has made its way to my daily rotation and definitely my repurchase list once I’m out 😀

New Discoveries with Korean Skincare <3

As most readers might know, I’m an avid supporter of sourcing new goodies from Groupon and Sasa, and I’m very excited to be reviewing the following for you all because, frankly, at the rate that I go through face masks — day and night, literally — I need cost-effective and actually effective products on rotation to keep my skin and wallet happy <3 Without further ado, here are the items that I sourced:


Reviews to follow 😀

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