Kiko Shining Star Lip Lacquer Review

Kiko Shining Star Lip Lacquerimage

Price: HKD39.50 (50% off)
Shade: Cool Mauve (01)

Continuing with my Kiko Haul, this lip lacquer is my first foray into liquid lipsticks and after nervously applying it to my lips — all the while thinking if I go in with too heavy of a hand and I’ll end up looking like a clown — I took one look in the mirror and I thought, “where the hell have you been all my life?!”

Packaged in a festive red box for the Christmas promotion, I got this at 50% off 😀 Housed in a chubby little tube, it has an attached sponge applicator for application that saturates well with color. In terms of the texture, this is a hybrid formula that has the glossy consistency and finish but the color pay off is like lipstick. I love how I can just use this one product and be done with my lips; I get the colour and the gloss, all in one handy tube <3 Although this is a fairly thick formula with a good deal of tackiness and a high shine finish,  it comfortably stayed on my lips for a solid four hours while retaining its shine quite nicely; afterwards I noticed that although the gloss wore off, the colour stayed and it looked like a nice lip tint 🙂

In terms of application, I learned that this formula is a little iffy on drier lips so make sure you either exfoliate or moisturize — or do both, you know LOL — prior to putting this on. I learned the hard way as I noticed when my lips were prepped well, application was smooth, easy to do and just beautiful as a result; but if my lips were dry, the color dragged, looked patchy, and the color creased up into my natural lip lines. In addition, these are highly pigmented so they do fall into the liquid lipstick realm but not only due to the opaque color but also because they wear so long! I didn’t notice a flavor or fragrance like Kiko’s lipsticks normally have; finally, the glosses have no shimmer and they have a creamy finish with a high lacquer-like shine.

All in all, if these lip lacquers ever came out in different shades and became a mainstay of their lip products, I’m getting my butt right over to Kiko to stock up, STAT.

Kiko Temptress Lip Set Review

Kiko Temptress Lip Setimage

Price: HKD62.50 (50% off)
Set Shade: Misty Rose 01
Lip Pencil Shade: 01
Lipstick Shade: 01

Continuing with my Kiko Haul, I tried out the lip set today to balance out my smokey eye for work 🙂 I’m normally a nude/pink/natural lip + gloss kind of girl because my regular go-to look is a smokey eye and I don’t want to overdo the entire look.

I have actually never used a lipliner before — I know, I know 😀 — and I thought that this set was a great way to try out a new product type of a high quality without shelling out a lot of cash.

As a liner newbie, I quickly found out that the liner doesn’t work on pre-moisturized lips
so I first prepped my lips with some lip balm and let it sink in a little bit before lightly blotting away the excess with a piece of imagetissue. I then got to work with carefully lining my lips as per the gajillion Pinterest/blog posts on how a newbie should approach this 😀

Afterwards, I applied the nude imagelipstick and it was creamy, well-pigmented and it was a matte that didn’t leave my lips looking flat or dry; however, I personally prefer the glossy look so I applied a little of my Kiko 3D Instant Volume Lipgloss (203) in the middle of my lips just to finish off the look.I’d like to note here that the lipstick has a bit of a..lipstick-y chocolate scent to it? It smelt amazing <3 Although the scent dissipates rather quickly after application, those of you who may or may not have an allergy to scented lipsticks or products in general should definitely bear this in mind; in fact, pop down to your nearest Kiko and do a swatch-and-sniff (on the back of your hands people! :D) with their lipsticks (in general) before settling on the formula and shade of your choice. They have a lot. Every time I’m in there, I feel like I’m a child in a candy store. 😀

In terms of lasting power, the lipstick and liner did well enough for a good 3-4 hours of me drinking coffee, talking and generally going about my day; I think the lipgloss added on top helped buffer the potential colour loss but, hey, I’m not complaining 🙂

All in all, yes, yes and yes. I’m going to Kiko’s later to see if there are any other good creamy lipsticks to add to my ever-growing collection <3

Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil Review

Kiko Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencilimage

Price: HKD55.30 (30% off)
Shade: Auburn (04)

Continuing with my Kiko haul and brow post, I also got an eyebrow pencil to go with the brow powders because I like to use a pencil to lightly fill in my brows wherever they’re sparse or,  like I noted before, when I need extra definition and need my brow game on point. In addition, I’d read around and found out from other budget savvy bloggers that the KIKO Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil is actually a good dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer; given that there was a sale going on, this was the perfect time to try something new 🙂

In terms of shades, I chose to go with the 04 instead of the 03 as it matches better for chestnutty brown hair because the 03 leaned more towards the reddish brown family. The packaging and function of this brow pencil is straightforward and easy to use; I prefer this kind of brow pencil because it’s got a slanted edge as opposed to crayon- or pencil-shaped ones as I find that the former helps define with a sharper, cleaner edge, whereas the latter has the potential to give a slightly smudgier look if you aren’t careful or if you’re into…a smudgey brow LOL

At the moment, I pop this and the Kiko Eyebrow Styling Kit into my makeup bag whenever I might need to do a brow touchup because they’re travel-friendly and they cover all of my brow bases <3


Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit Review

Kiko Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit

Price: HKD108.50 (Sale Price: 30% off)
Shade: 01

Continuing with my imagerecent Kiko haul, I got this eyebrow styling kit to match my naturally taupey brows with my new newly dyed chestnut brown and toffee-highlighted hair <3 I wanted a brow kit that match the chestnut brown without being too reddish-brown — which seems to be a tendency with local Japanese brow kits — and wouldn’t break me out or the bank 🙂

Introducing the KIKO Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit: housed in a compact, lightweight and travel-friendly matte plastic kit which contains all the products and tools that you would need to do your brows. Available in two shade options, 01 is for brunettes whereas 02 is better for blondes and redheads.

Inside the kit, there’s nicely-sized mirror, as many brow kits have tiny mirrors, as if they design the product based on the size of the…intended body area LOL 😀 In addition, there are three mini brow tools: tweezers, an angled applicator brush and a spooley. There’s a brow wax in addition to two powders in light and dark shades. I personally didn’t use the mini tools right off the bat as I like using my own brushes and such; however, I think they would be super handy to have if in the event you happened to forget those particular full-sized tools at home while on a trip; I just wouldn’t use them on a regular basis because they are…tiny 😀

In addition, I found that the colour intensity for the powders aren’t as intense as one would assume but I find that this works out well for makeup beginners like me as it actually makes it harder to overdo your brows with this little kit, and actually quite easy to create a natural brow look. In regards to the formula of both the wax and powder products, they are really easy to work with. There’s no fallout with the powders and the wax is easy to apply with ease. Once applied, my brows lasted pretty well throughout the day and I haven’t had any problems with smudging or budging as such.

All in all, this is a great starter kit for beginners like me who wants a great quality but budget option for brows. However, for those who are looking for a little more intensity, they will have to try other amazing brands out there who are known for darker colour payoff; another option is to partner the brow powders and wax with a brow pencil for extra definition <3

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstick Review

Kiko Glossy Dream Sheer Lipstickimage

Price: HKD99
Shade: Beige Rose (201)

I was just a tad excited when I got this lipstick from Kiko the other day when I was out and about with girlfriend of mine, who happened to pick up some lippies for herself as well 🙂

Encased in a futuristic rose-gold tubing, I thought that it was pretty cool how the lipstick is ejected out of its tube cover by ways of the large gold button on the lid; once the lipstick pops out, you just twist it up to start using the lippie 🙂 After a while though, I realized that with the state of how my makeup bag is jumbled and overflowing with products and whatever else a lady would have in there — which reminds me, I should really start clearing out the 1221432 lipglosses and lippies that I have in there on a regular basis but I end up using the same one over and over again LOL 😀

Onto the lipstick itself, it has a semi-sheer colour and light finish; 201 is a warm-toned beige that is opaque and long-lasting for a sheer lipstick. I love how this shade has enough peachiness and warmth in it to not wash me out and I can layer other lipglosses on top of it for a shinier look. In terms of texture, the lipstick is creamy and the finish is sheer and glossy but buildable in pigmentation. It’s hydrating and comfortable to wear; I also noticed that it contains shimmer particles which isn’t necessarily noticeable on the lips but they’re a bit of a pain to remove. If you are not a shimmer person — I am, I just personally don’t like it when the shimmer takes a little longer to remove — you might to check out the swatches carefully and wiping it off in the store to see if the shimmer residue is going to bother you 🙂

All in all, although I tend to stick to nudes and warm pinks that go well with my regular smoky eyes, I’m definitely going to check out the other shades and probably pick up a couple for family and friends since it’s of such a great creamy quality, has a great shade selection and it has nice, sturdy and pretty packaging <3

Kiko Haul (50% Promotion) <3

Hello everybody 🙂

After my haircut today, I popped by Kiko to pick up some new brow powder and pencil to match my newly dyed chestnut brown and toffee-highlighted hair — new year new colour for me 🙂 — since I knew they had a 50% off promotion and I walked out with a little more…



Reviews to follow <3

Kiko Creamy Lip Gloss Review

KIKO Milano Creamy Lip Gloss2015-12-07 19.34.39

Price: HKD79
Shade: Pearly Strawberry Pink (102)

Personally, I am a big fan of chubby lip crayons because the packaging makes for easy application, and for me, that’s essential as I am not always the best when it comes to lining my lips after using a lipstick. Chubby lip crayons are moisturizing lip balms with a nice creamy tint or stain of colour; this product from Kiko certainly does not disappoint as when I first applied it to my lips, it felt soft and easy to apply because it was absolutely foolproof; all you have to do is twist the silver base to turn up more of the product and you don’t need to sharpen it at all. The overall effect was ultra-glossy because its soft gel consistency glides on your lips like a crayon, which provides a moisturizing smoothness and never-ending comfort.

I will note here though that with this crayon, I did have to reapply as I noticed that the colour did fade as I went about my day at work (i.e. talking, eating, drinking coffee, etc.); however, I noticed that this lip gloss didn’t dry out my lips, nor did the lip stain stubbornly stay on my lips even after I started wiping it off; FYI, I’m looking at you, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable 🙁 ). In addition, when I first tried this lip gloss out, it reminded me of the Clinique Chubby Stick’s consistency and packaging but the price point is much lower <3

All in all, definitely have a go with this lip gloss if you are interested in something low maintenance, easy to use and inexpensive enough to try out a variety of shades <3   

KIKO 3D Volume Lip Gloss Review

KIKO 3D Volume Lip Gloss Review

Price: HKD79
Volume: 6.6ml
Shades: Peach Rose 203 & Natural Rose 217

Continuing with my Kiko Milano haul, I bought two of these 6.5ml lip glosses in Peach Rose 203 and Natural Rose 217; I really liked these glosses: the application wand is a flexible paddle style  which moves to allow precise application.

2015-12-07 20.13.26

In terms of the lip gloss’ texture, it is almost like a gel finish which feels creamy with the normal tacky gloss feeling to it. In addition, these glosses are very shiny on the lips without having glitter in them. Over time, I noticed that the lip glosses were quite hydrating and that’s because the formula contains hyaluronic acid, which is a moisture magnet that helps to give a full plumpness to the lips. As a result, these lip glosses keep their shine well and as they wear off they simply fade away rather than stick to dry areas. I will note here that upon application, these glosses have a menthol tingle but it doesn’t feel like it’s stinging the lips; if you’re not a fan of this kind of effect, you will want to bear this in mind as the menthol feeling isn’t apparent when you’re doing a swatch on the back of your hand; it’s only when you apply the gloss to your lips that you’ll feel it.

2015-12-07 07.34.02

Overall, the colour pigment is true to how it looks in the tube and they feel very comfortable on the lips. I noticed that the plumping effect isn’t overly obvious but my lips do feel moisturised and the finish reflects the light over the lips to make them appear fuller. For the price point and array of colours that Kiko offers, this is a great product for you to test out various shades without feeling the pinch on your wallet as much as you think it would 🙂

Kiko Milano 3D Lifting Foundation Review

Kiko Milano 3D Lifting Foundation Reviewimage

Price: HKD163
Volume: 30ml
SPF: 15
Shade: Light Almond 02

Continuing with my Kiko haul, I liked this foundation more than the Second Skin Foundation, mainly because of the coverage and texture, but not the shade 🙁

The 3D Foundation is of a medium coverage where you can definitely build it up to a fuller coverage; the Kiko primer, one layer of the foundation plus concealer was just right for me during the work week. Like what I noted before, the Second Skin Foundation is for the good skin days, the weekends where you’re hanging out with a couple of girlfriends and you want your skin to be slightly tinted with a foundation (as opposed to a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, but that’s a whole new discussion there and for the sake of the argument here, it’s going to be a foundation 🙂 ).

imageAlthough the coverage with the Second Skin Foundation is buildable, I felt that I was…building more than what it was really intended for when I used it during the work week; I needed a longer lasting and higher coverage foundation that would last me 8+ hours without looking or going patchy. With the Second Skin Foundation, it’s not that it looked patchy; the foundation blended with my skin and its natural oils, so…it was almost too dewy, even for me. The clean, dewy foundation makeup look that I started with in the morning basically melted away and was only maintained when I did the 12pm and 3pm touch-ups, since I put on my makeup at 5.30AM.

I will note, however, that the shading for this foundation was not as close to my complexion as I thought it was (damn the dim lighting in store! **shakes fist**); this foundation might have been okay if I had just gone with my gut feeling for the Peach Pink 01 instead but again, the dim lighting plus my gut feeling were not working together that day so I ended up with something that was not the right shade, but the right texture. As such, at the end of the day, again, my face was about two shades darker than my neck. I had to hide that contrast with my scarf 🙁

All in all, if this were the right shade it’s definitely a keeper <3

Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder Review

Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder Reviewimage

Price: HKD145
Shade: Sand 02
Made in Italy

Continuing with my Kiko haul, I purchased this powder in the hopes of adding a bit of luminosity to my complexion; highlighting and strobing aside, I notice that after I do the initial dust of powder on my makeup in the morning and for touch-ups in the afternoon, I notice that while yes, my face is not oily any more but it’s just so…flat. Matte. Dry-looking. Ugh. When I saw this at the Kiko counter and I took a look at its ingredients after a quick Google search on my phone (I’m nerdy like that <3) — more on that later — I popped this into my shopping bag and continued with my browsing in the store.  

When I did a swatch of the powder at the counter, it reminded me of the time when I was wandering around in Sephora and I did a swatch of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders; the texture and consistency are similar in that they are baked mineral powders that illuminate your skin without looking shimmery/glittery. After a full work day and different foundations and bases used in combination with this baked powder to ensure fair results, I noticed that this powder does slightly darken a shade; a smidgen if you will, by the end of an eight-hour work day. At the time of writing, it’s winter and I normally am all wrapped up in scarves, so the the shade difference isn’t as noticeable as when I remove my scarf (and thus bringing to mind the summer time), and to my (very picky) eye, I noticed that my face is slightly darker than my neck. 🙁 I’m tempted to purchase the Ivory 01 shade as it’s one shade lighter (and actually, the lightest shade in the series) just to see if it’ll darken, so to speak, to my natural skin tone; priced at HKD145 (~USD20 | CAD25), it’s very affordable compared to many other companies that have products that present itself with similar effects but with a much higher price tag.

In terms of packaging, the magnetic closure of the case is a nice touch, if it’s your preference as opposed to other clicky-button-based ones. However, the shiny gunmetal compact itself attracts a lot of fingerprints, so if you’re the type to keep everything in your makeup bag dust and print-free, there’s a bit of upkeep here. In addition, I was a little disappointed that there was no sponge included (or a spot for a sponge to begin with for that matter) — possibly because of the lifted dome shape of the powder that rises above the casing itself, thus rendering a spot to include a sponge impossible — so if you plan on using this compact as a touch-up one, you’ll need to BYOB (i.e. bring your own brush), bring a reusable sponge that you keep wrapped up separately, or grab a bag of cheap disposable sponges for the germaphobe in you 🙂

Now, I normally don’t include an ingredients list with my product reviews because I find that a) the information is normally readily available on the company’s website or someone else will have uploaded it and b) how many of us earthlings actually understand the ramifications of every single ingredient on there, before knocking it down because “Blogger X and Blogger Y said that this ingredient is harmful…and that’s why I won’t buy the product and neither should you”? I’m no chemist, but I do believe in the Google Gods, common sense, and knowing just what does and doesn’t work with my skin. I just feel that everyone should do their due diligence and really understand what works for their skin and complexion before going crazy at the beauty counter; we’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It’s time to rise above and put our hard-earned money towards products that work for ourselves; for me, this powder is definitely one of them.

Anyways, I wanted to include the product list for this baked powder because of the following items that I noticed:


Courtesy of Kiko Milano 🙂

In addition to the mineral extracts that are there to help smooth out and add radiance to your complexion, there’s Argan Oil and Vitamin E added (i.e. Tocopheryl Acetate — thank you Google Gods :D)! I’m not sure if this is an industry standard for baked mineral powders where oils and vitamins are added to the compound, but I for one loved how my skin didn’t look…dry or flaky even when I touched up with this compact using both a brush and a sponge on separate occasions; I feel that the texture rivals that of Japanese/Korean pressed powder foundations where in addition to adding B5, they may or may not add an oil or two as a potential alternative to silicones, to keep your initial and touch-up applications silky smooth. I find that pressed powder foundations from Western cosmetics companies tend to be drier to the touch (oily skinned-ladies can rejoice! <3) and thus much more suited for those who don’t need the extra hydration or are not fond of the dewy look 😀 I think for my skin’s sake, I will keep my eyes open for pressed powder and pressed powder foundations that have these ingredients added — or I’ll just make sure that I repurchase this until Kiko (hopefully never) discontinues this product 🙂

In essence, I would encourage ladies who want the radiant and hydrating properties in their powder for a polished and dewy look, give this high-quality powder a shot — you won’t be disappointed <3

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