For the love of…La Mer Serums <3

2016 is indeed winding down to a close and with that, I’d like to wish everyone around the world a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! 😀

The last couple of months have seen me start on a few new serums — for me — by none other than La Mer, that has really perked up my skin a LOT of notches for that nice, dewy glow that has been lost since it has gotten used to Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair series. The following serums from the skincare line are what I am using for my day and night skincare routine in this particular order:

La Mer The Revitalizing IMG_0821Hydrating Serum
Price: HKD1800
Volume: 30ml

This was a relatively new discovery as I had gotten this from the airport DFS store on my way to Vancouver from Hong Kong. After doing a quick consultation with the Google Gods, this seems to be  only sold in La Mer (North America) and it hasn’t launched in Hong Kong yet. Being the most viscous of the three, I decided to use this after patting on my Treatment Lotion and prior to the following serums in this post. I pumped out two squirts and smoothed it onto my face while lightly massaging it in. I noticed a very strong scent where although it didn’t affect my skin (i.e. dry it out, start a flare-up of eczema/atopic dermatitis or some totes fun combo of these 🙁 ), I was not a fan of it at all. Scent aside, my face has been quite happy with it; I feel like I added an extra layer of moisture to my skin and it looks…perkier. I mean, after using it for a good couple of days, morning and night, my skin looks brighter and bouncier than usual. I will note here that given that I have dry, sensitive and flaky skin, if I were to just use this on its own, I don’t think it would be nearly enough; in fact, this serum seems to work better — for me at least — when used in combination with La Mer’s The Concentrate. For all of you out there who have normal to oily skin, or just non-flaky dry skin, using this serum alone in your skincare will most likely be enough for you.

La Mer Regenerating Serum IMG_0820
Price: HKD2850
Volume: 30ml

Since I bought this serum prior to the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum, normally this would be the serum I’d use after the Treatment Lotion and before The Concentrate. Right now, I use this on alternate days with the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum because although this is just as hydrating, its main purpose is synonymous to its name: regenerate. I found that this serum is best for post-procedure or post-acne (i.e. acne scars) skin where you need a hydrating serum to help regenerate healthier skin cells and you’d top it all off with one good thick layer of hydration, The Concentrate, prior to applying the La Mer moisturizer of your choice. The one aspect that I’m not too happy with is how the bottle is not travel-friendly in the sense that although it’s pump-based with a thoughtful metal handle that swings up to stop accidental presses on the pump, the bottle itself is made of metal; it’s rather weighty.

La Mer The Concentrateimage
Price: HKD1050
Volume: 50ml

Following up with the Treatment Lotion, I would apply this serum evenly onto my face and neck, gently massaging it in as opposed to smoothing it on; it has the iconic La Mer scent to it that dissipates as soon as it is applied. Although I am allergic to added fragrances in skincare, I have had no reaction to La Mer’s products at all; in fact, my skin is hydrated, bouncy and happy 🙂 In regards to its hydrating properties, its gel-like texture did not mean that it disappeared immediately on my desert-dry, sensitive and combination skin; I smoothed it on and melted into my skin, making it feel supple and moist without that sticky feeling. In essence — pun most definitely intended here — I have swapped my trusty Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum for this Concentrate as my core facial serum to top off any of the La Mer serums I’d use underneath 😀

All in all, my skin is happy, hydrated and bouncy again <3

La Mer Series <3

I’ve been insanely busy for the past couple of months and my little spot on the Internet space has been collecting dust 🙁 However, I’m back for now with a new update on my current skincare 🙂

Let’s start off with my favourites!

La Mer Treatment Lotionimg_0115
Price: HKD1050
Volume: 150ml

Similar to the Estée Lauder Micro Essence, this Lotion is used after your toner to seal in the moisture on your skin. There are two ways to apply this: with a cotton pad or your palms; personally I chose the latter as this is way too expensive to waste on a cotton pad LOL 😀 I poured out about a quarter’s sized amount and patted it all over my face and neck. True to its name, the Treatment Lotion is easily absorbed and soothing, even for those with sensitive skin. I had a particularly bad eczema outbreak which left me with dry, itchy and scaly skin on my face and neck when I first used this lotion; although it didn’t cure me of my eczema, it certainly helped with calming it down and keeping it hydrated until I had to apply another round of moisturizer. If I had to choose between the Estée Lauder Micro Essence or this Treatment Lotion, I would prefer this Lotion because it felt more hydrating than the Micro Essence, even on my eczema flare-up days; now that my skin has more or less returned to normal, the hydrating factors are relatively more apparent than the Micro Essence.

La Mer Concentrate
Price: HKD1050
Volume: 50mlimage

Following up with the Treatment Lotion, I would apply this serum evenly onto my face and neck, gently massaging it in as opposed to smoothing it on; it has the iconic La Mer scent to it that dissipates as soon as it is applied. Although I am allergic to added fragrances in skincare, I have had no reaction to La Mer’s products at all; in fact, my skin is hydrated, bouncy and happy 🙂 In regards to its hydrating properties, its gel-like texture did not mean that it disappeared immediately on my desert-dry, sensitive and combination skin; I smoothed it on and melted into my skin, making it feel supple and moist without that sticky feeling. In essence — pun most definitely intended here — I have swapped my trusty Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum for this Concentrate as my core facial serum 🙂

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense and La Mer The Eye Concentrateimg_0127
Price: HKD1750 each
Volume: 15ml

I felt that these two were the eye version of the iconic facial moisturizer; both came with a small applicator that has a metal ball at the end to help with cooling down and de-puffing eyes 🙂 For my purposes, I am more concerned about softening fine lines than de-puffing so the applicator didn’t have much use for me; however, both eye creams are excellent in keeping my desert-dry undereyes well-moisturized without giving way to milia (whiteheads). I couldn’t detect any actual fragrance from the products, even though it’s part of the iconic line, and this only adds to my love for these eye creams as I know it won’t irritate my sensitive skin <3 Of the two, I am leaning more towards the Concentrate as it felt a little more hydrating; the Intense one seems to focus more on de-puffing and thus it’s not quite what I need. However, both are stellar eye creams and they did perform to the standard of what I had expected from luxury eye creams.

La Mer Illuminating Eye Gelimage
Price: HKD1350
Volume: 15ml

This is the only product that I tried from the line and will not be re-purchasing. Housed in a plastic bottle with a pump, the product itself is gel-based and frankly, did nothing for my undereyes. I didn’t feel that it hydrated my eyes at all, nor did it leave them looking more illuminated; perhaps those who have oily skin and minimal problems with dark circles will like this more than I did. I had much better luck with the Eye Balms as noted above.



La Mer Moisturizing Soft Creamimg_0126
Price: HKD2700
Volume: 60ml

Seeing as La Mer has a series of moisturizers, I’d like to note that they are all variations of The Original — noted below — but with different textures; there’s definitely something for everyone out there from this line 😀 This is my go-to version for all seasons 🙂 I love how this soft cream doesn’t require heating up with my palms prior to applying it; I simply scoop a little out with the spatula that it comes with and gently massage it onto my face and neck; in addition, it’s very easy to add a couple drops of facial oil to it when you need the extra glowy oomph <3 Between this and the Lotion, I feel that my skin already requires that extra hydration on a consistent basis for most of the seasons, and the Lotion just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. As such, whenever I see a promo going on for La Mer on Groupon and this is on it, I snap up backup pots! <3

Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream (The Original)image
Price: HKD2700
Volume: 60ml

Boys and girls, if and when I have to bring out the big guns for cold, dry winters, this would be it. The Original Crème de La Mer heavy-duty cream that requires a very small amount — dime-sized to begin with — to be scooped out with the spatula that it comes with, and warmed up in the palms of your hands prior to patting and pressing it onto your face. I’d like to note here that I found this relatively difficult to massage into my skin because of its rich, thick texture; it worked much better when it was pressed onto my skin and any extra-dry patches. Again, if your skin really needs that extra oomph, you can add a couple drops of facial oil to the cream that you just scooped out so that you can warm it all up together.




Most of the visitors who are on my blog often enough might have noticed that I used to be a devout Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair user; however, after using the Estée Lauder line consecutively for about four years, my skin has gotten used to it and it no longer has that radiance that I wanted my skin to have after using a dedicated skincare line; with La Mer, I have rediscovered that glow 🙂 <3

Although my bank account will most certainly beg to differ, I have become a solid convert for La Mer skincare <3

La Mer Cleansing Foam Review

La Mer Cleansing Foam

Price: HKD599 (Groupon) | HKD900 (RRP)image
Volume: 125ml

Continuing with my previous Groupon find, the La Mer Cleansing Foam was another La Mer product that I managed to get my little hands on at 33% off <3

Seeing as I quite liked the gel cleanser despite the rather strong but inoffensive scent, I had very high hopes for this foaming one, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Housed in a plastic squeeze tube, this cleanser is comparatively more travel-friendly than its Gel counterpart, but for those of you who prefer to travel light, decanting into a smaller squeeze tube is always a good option 🙂 As I’d mentioned in my previous posts, I’m a double-cleansing fan and thus, I prefer and have used this Cleansing Foam as step 2 of my double-cleansing in the evening.

In terms of texture, this cleanser lathers up really well and it leaves my combination-dry skin refreshed and squeaky clean without feeling tight or dehydrated. At the time of writing, the weather in Hong Kong is humid though so to be fair, this might be a little drying if and when I use it during fall/winter or in a relatively drier climate (i.e. Vancouver and Las Vegas). In fact, I would say that this cleanser is more suited for combination-oily or oily skin types as it does get rid of extra oil; having said that, those with normal skin could probably get away with using this or really, any of their other cleansers 🙂

All in all, I feel that I would relegate this cleanser for the warmer seasons and climates to help me balance out the extra oil that my skin produces; as an all-season kind of cleanser though, I would prefer the gel cleanser 🙂 I would really only consider purchasing this cleanser through Groupon as the regular retail price is quite steep; having said that though, the product speaks for itself in terms of its effectiveness and quality <3

La Mer Cleansing Gel Review

La Mer Cleansing Gel

Price: HKD599 (Groupon) | HKD900 (RRP)
Volume: 200ml


Yay for Groupon! I saved 33% on this purchase and I’ve always wanted to try out La Mer’s cleansing products but daaaaaaaamn. Since its original retail price is pretty steep, I’ve been reluctant to buy a pricey gel cleanser for the sake of…washing my face in the morning LOL <3

Weighing in at 200ml, it’s a sizeable bottle of gel cleanser that I personally would mainly use in the morning as I prefer a lightweight gel cleanser that’ll just wash the sleep off my face and prep it for the rest of my morning skincare routine, as opposed to a foaming cream cleanser that I feel would serve a better and deeper cleansing purpose as step two of my double-cleansing in the evening.

Housed in a tubular plastic bottle with a pump, the dispensing method makes it easy to gauge the amount that one needs — generally speaking, I use one pump — every time. In addition, the fact that it’s plastic makes klutzy-me very happy 🙂 However, having said that, it’s a little anti-climatic when you first bust open that box and pull out this cleanser that you just spent a little fortune on…only to discover that it’s in plastic. For me, this wasn’t a dealbreaker at all but for those of you who are fans of pretty bottles and jars, this might be a little disappointing. In addition, the sheer volume and size of this bottle makes it too cumbersome to tote along for travelling, but it’s nothing that a little decanting can’t fix <3

Designed for oily/combination skin, I quite liked the texture and cleansing power of this product; since I have combination-dry skin, originally I was slightly worried that this cleanser would dry out my skin but so far, during this season in Hong Kong, I haven’t had this issue at all. In fact, my skin felt hydrated and..completely fine; my face didn’t feel tight or dry at all as it would normally do to varying degrees after using certain cleansers and during different seasons.

What does slightly bother me, however, is the scent. This cleanser is supposed to smell similar to the iconic Creme De La Mer cream, but I noticed that the scent is actually quite strong and it slightly lingers even after rinsing it off. Upon my first application, I couldn’t help but feel that it reminds me of an…herbally-scented shower gel. It’s inoffensive enough for me but for those who might be used to less scented products, this could definitely be a deal breaker. I’d like to note here that not only did this cleanser do its job very well for my skin type and purpose, I don’t think that the (slightly strong) fragrance dry out my skin or make it break out with itchy, irritated patches.

All in all, I’m actually quite happy with this cleanser but I don’t think I could bring myself to repurchase this product at full price; perhaps whenever Groupon has this as a promotion again, I’d definitely do it LOL ❤️


La Mer Moisturizing Lotion Review

La Mer Moisturizing Lotionimage

Price: HKD2176.30
Volume: 50ml

Continuing with my Winter Skin Care post, this face lotion is really the crème de la crème of all the moisturizers I’ve used in my adult life; this was one of the products that Mama Cappuccino gave me because it was too rich for her amazingly normal, clear skin <3 I’m completely okay with that because…


The original cream came in an iconic white pot where it was of a thicker consistency and it has a light but amazingly soothing floral scent. The lotion form of this legendary cream is housed in a white plastic and opaque pump bottle for an easier and more hygienic dispensing experience.

Now, there is a fairly clear set of instructions included as to how one should use the La Mer moisturizers (creams, lotions and gel-creams): in general, you first pump out or scoop out 1 to 2 pea-sized amounts of the moisturizer into the center of your palm/onto your fingertips and then gently press your palms/fingertips together to let your own heat warm up the moisturizer before you apply it to your face and neck; the level of effort required to heat up the moisturizer depends on the type of La Mer moisturizer that you ended up purchasing: the original cream required one to put a little bit more effort in rubbing their palms together for the cream to liquify and become a clear liquid before applying it to their face.

If you don’t heat up the moisturizer properly, you run the risk of it just…sitting on your skin without getting fully absorbed. As such, the lotion and the gel-cream (for the sake of the argument here) are decidedly easier to heat up and emulsify and thus massage onto one’s face as opposed to the original cream format. Although this product is raved to be an anti-aging product, I feel that although there are antioxidants in the sea kelp (the star of the show for their ingredients) as well as antioxidant properties of several of the other ingredients, a significant part of looking younger is by having healthy-looking skin that is being properly moisturized and hydrated as the increase in moisture in the skin helps minimize the the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.

All in all, La Mer is definitely worth it on the hydration, moisturization and quality front as even for my combination-dry skin it was never too greasy or just too much; I looked glowier and more radiant, especially when paired with the right serums and potions 🙂 I will note here that there are a lot of added ingredients beyond the basic moisturizer that are worth the (much) higher price tag. Lastly, if you’re into anti-aging and you’ve got the change to spare, I’d say to double up on a good anti-aging serum/routine of your choice and add a version of this moisturizer to boost the effects <3

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