M.I.U. Professional Finishing Powder (Clear) Review

M.I.U. Professional Finishing Powderimage

Price: HKD148
Volume: 30g
Shade: 753 (Clear)
Made in Japan

Seeing as I have a number (read: a LOT) of foundations in vary degrees of my skintone, I decided to give translucent powder a shot just because I wanted to try something new. I had excellent results with the tinted M.I.U. Powder that I got before at Citysuper and I wanted to try out their translucent one to see if I would have similar feelings about it.

In general, my requirements for a loose powder would be that it a) sets my makeup and b) would be nice if it had moisturizing/hydrating properties. I knew that with the M.I.U. Powder that I got before, it was made up of 97% natural ingredients as well as having hyaluronic acid added in it for moisture retention; I’ve tried and tested that baby out and its claims run true: my skin didn’t look any drier when it was actually dry when I dusted it on, and my skin looked even better with it when it was relatively normal so to speak. As such, I made a beeline for Log-on and found the cute pot of loose powder for HKD148 and I happily went home with my purchase, proud of the fact that I didn’t splurge on a high-end brand for loose powder 😀

After test running it with my various pots and bottles of foundations, I have to say that once again, the price point doesn’t affect the quality of this product at all. It does its job right and the fact is that this translucent powder really did go on seamlessly without giving me a white-ish cast; this is a common effect for me with many brands of translucent powder, even if I went at it with a light hand. All in all, my makeup stayed put and it didn’t look heavier/cakier, and I noticed that it kept my skin shine-free without drying it out.

It may be cheap in price but it definitely doesn’t feel cheap on your skin <3

M.I.U. Professional Finishing Powder (Natural) Review

M.I.U. Professional Finishing Powder2015-10-10 20.55.54

Price: HKD148
Volume: 30g
Shade: 754 (Natural)
Made in Japan

Recently, I was in the market for a (natural) tone finishing powder. I emphasize the need for it to be natural as I’ve found that “translucent” powders tend to make me paler than I already am and thus create an even bigger contrast to my face-to-neck skin tone, and thus creates this accidental mask-like effect.

My general requirements for a loose powder would be that it a) sets my makeup and b) would be nice if it had moisturizing/hydrating properties. Just sayin’. Going with a heavy hand on loose powder tends to age ANY look and I feel that if I were to get a loose powder that had that bonus it would be pretty awesome 🙂

The thing is though, loose powder is exactly that: loose powder. I expect it to just do its job – keep my bb cream/foundation in place and give it a nice smooth finish — and if I require more bells and whistles for it, I should probably looking at changing the base (i.e. Skincare. Makeup base(s) and foundations. Those sorts of things. :))

Hence I walked right out of Dior as soon as I had walked in and asked about their loose powder when they indicated that their starter and mainstay loose powder is HKD510. In hindsight, I know. I should’ve expected the price hike for something as basic as a loose powder with a high-end brand.

I would much rather put that amount towards nicer skincare or even a foundation. Not a loose powder.

I headed to Log-on and found this cute pot of loose powder for HKD148. There weren’t a whole lot of (English) reviews on this product but since it was Made In Japan and the price was all right, I went ahead and bought it. I was proud of myself for not going crazy and splurging on something as basic as loose powder LOL2015-10-10 20.57.37

I have to say though…the price point doesn’t affect the quality of this product. It
does its job right; the powder is very finely milled and the colour tone is versatile (enough) for girls with NC15-25.

They have another tone for healthy-toned ladies but bear in mind that this is a (small) Japanese brand, the shade is (much) more yellow-toned and a smidgen darker than what this Natural shade is. After using it for the past week on top of BB cream as well as regular foundation — both of which are slightly difference in tones as the former leans towards being pinker as opposed to the latter that stays around a neutral tone – I noticed that it didn’t oxidize and it still kept my skin relatively shine-free.

It was cheap; it didn’t feel cheap; I saved quite a bit of money. Win-win 🙂

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