BB Cushion Round-up!

BB Cushion Round-up!

After a royally bad sun rash from my trip during the summer, I’ve been hiding out for the past month and a half; I’ve had to do a major overhaul in both my skincare and makeup arsenal to accommodate my super red, dry-flaky and sensitive skin 🙁

On the makeup front, I’ve moved on to powder-free formulas and looks that were a) lightweight and b) forgiving on my angry, flaky skin. I now welcome you all to my newest love(s): BB Cushions! I used to have this feeling that the cushion itself would be a hotbed for bacteria and that I would be grossed out to the max pressing my sponge into it and patting away on my face. I now have learned the errors of my ways as clearly, the sponge can be cleaned up very well and I could spray a bit of alcohol onto the sponge itself to (quickly) disinfect it if I felt the need to, without ruining the formula itself — or my face for that matter — in the process. These products were the only base products that helped my skin look semi-presentable in broad daylight and at work 🙂 As a general introduction, the BB cushions I have listed below are in chronological order of when I purchased them and are now on a regular rotation for me:

img_9485Missha Line Friends Cushion (Magic and Magic Cushion Moisture BB Cushions)

Shade: 21
SPF: 50

I tried both formulas from Missha, and really, for the fact that it was part of the Line Friends series <3 Brown is the Magic Cushion one, which is supposed to have a little more oil control while still maintaining a relatively dewy look, whereas the Sally one is the Magic Cushion Moisture version and it leaves you with a relatively dewier look than its Brown counterpart. I noticed that there was a slight scent that dissipated quite quickly upon application; in fact, the scent was not as significant as Sulwhasoo’s. However, given that Sulwhasoo is known for its herbal formulas, I can’t say the same for Missha’s at this point; luckily, I didn’t break out or react to the scent in either of these cushion but if you’re adverse to (lightly) scented products, take note 🙂 I’d also like to note that I found that it’s easy to end up looking a little paler than usual with this cushion as it has a considerable amount of coverage for one layer, especially since it doesn’t have the distinction between a Natural or Cover version like other Korean BB cushions; thus, I would suggest to start off with one layer first and go from there without going all tap-happy with it because both of these formulas have decent coverage from the get go 🙂


imageThe Face Shop CC Cushion
Shade: V201
SPF: 50

Out of all the ones on this round-up, it was my least favorite as it really did leave me with a mask-like look upon initial application and it looked quite patchy even just before midday. This is the Cover version of the line so although the shade with quite good for my NC20 skin tone, this left me looking (very) pale, almost greyish, after applying one layer, Although this was the cheapest one in terms of price, I don’t think I would repurchase this particular one mainly because I can get the same hydrating and overall coverage with the other cushions. I would say this is a good cushion for beginners or those who are a little tight on budget but if you’re looking for a real wow-factor, you can try other ones 🙂


imageIOPE Cushion
Shade: C21
SPF: 50

Considered to be the granddaddy of all BB cushions, this was my first foray into the higher-end cushions. When I bought this one at the time, I had a couple of blemishes to cover up so I chose the Cover version of my shade, 21. To be fair, since I DID choose the Cover version of this BB cushion as opposed to the Natural version, the higher coverage was to be expected and as such, with the higher coverage came with the…slightly whiter cast. I mean, I was a full shade paler. I almost looked slightly sickly had I forgotten my cream blush; the oxidization helped by mid-afternoon but still, even for me it was a little too pale to be touched up.  Therefore, for those of you who choose the Cover version, go in with a light hand and if in doubt, I’d opt to get the Natural version and use a separate concealer on problem areas; I know it’s counterproductive but at least you don’t end up with a mask-like appearance? 😀


Hera Age-Reverse Cushionimg_9484
Shade: N21
SPF: 38

I find myself reaching for this almost every day as it leaves me with the most natural finish; it’s truly a “my-skin-but-better” type of look. By this point, the blemishes on my face had significantly receded and all I was left with was…just sahara-dry but relatively clear skin; as such, I chose the Natural coverage as opposed to the Cover version because of my skin condition. In addition to having little to no fragrance, this was the most hydrating cushion for me out of the entire round-up; I chose this one over its sister product, the UV Hera Mist, mainly because of my need for a more hydrating cushion as opposed to an oil-control one; once my skin gets better though, you can bet I’ll be trying it 😀 This cushion was also easy to touch up midday or post-meal as it didn’t leave me with a visibly paler face. I LOVED this one 🙂


Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushionimg_9487
Shade: Medium Pink 21
SPF: 50

I find myself reaching for this one on those days when I’ve had enough sleep as it has quite a sheer finish; this high-end cushion was one of the more hydrating products for me compared to the rest of the ones in the round-up. It’s also worth noting that this cushion has a distinctive herbal/floral scent that is characteristic of Sulwhasoo products; personally, I didn’t break out or react to the scent itself possibly because it’s a result of its herbal ingredients, but for those of you who would prefer a scent-free option, this is definitely worth considering about. With this in mind, I’d choose the Hera one over this one primarily a) based on its (slightly) better coverage and b) minimal fragrance, but it does lose out on the SPF coverage compared to Sulwhasoo.  

YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation
Shade: B10
SPF: 23 PA+++

As a new addition to my collection, this cushion came highly recommended from a girlfriend of mine who loves YSL products. As of this cushion, I am now a YSL-convert <3 Much like the other cushions, I personally enjoy using BB cushions for touch-ups during the fall/winter months as my sensitive-dry skin embraces the dewy look and since this is a liquid-to-powder kind of formula, it’ll basically dry to a satin finish (for me) without needing any powder on top. For this cushion, I noticed that when you first start using it, just a light press on the cushion with the sponge will give you enough coverage for the entire face; this cushion gives off more product with less effort than the other cushions I have tried. In addition, I will note here that this cushion does have quite a perfume-y scent upon application, however it does dissipate quite quickly; those of you who are sensitive to scents might want to bear this in mind when doing a swatch test at the beauty counter. Aside from being a little disappointed that this only has SPF23, I normally use a separate sunscreen as a base so it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker for me at this point; those of you who generally don’t use a separate sunscreen, this might be something to bear in mind. In addition, you have to buy the refills separately; the YSL cushion only comes with the one cushion already in the case 🙁

All in all, I found it very easy to re-apply moisturizer on the drier parts of my face and then reapply with any one of the cushions in the round-up, depending on the level of coverage that I would prefer for that day. I had beautiful, dewy and an even-looking complexion even at the peak of my angry, flaky skin situations.

Major love for BB cushions right now <3

Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day?

Skin Care Challenge: Sheet Masks Twice A Day?

In the spirit of science and improving my current skin condition (read: combination-dry, sensitive, dark acne scars that take forever to go away), I started out on a new skin care challenge: putting on (hydrating) sheet masks twice a day, especially with one in the morning before my makeup. My skin is going through a phase where it doesn’t matter how light of a hand I have with my loose powder or whether I add a drop of serum to my foundation, my makeup and complexion in this case, looked dry, powdery and aged. 🙁 As in, my makeup would look the same in the evening as it did in the morning, albeit looking dry and unflattering. To add insult to injury, my breakouts and subsequent acne scars didn’t do my complexion any favours either. As such, starting in May, I put on a hydrating mask twice a day (paper masks in the morning and a paper/rinse-off mask in the evening); I popped off to Watsons/Mannings and loaded up on the following sheet masks to offset the actual cost of using sheet masks…every day LOL 😀

For the most part, I used these in the morning as they are more focused on hydration and it’s quick and easy to pop on and peel off without rinsing afterwards:

In the evening, I tended to use slightly more luxurious/targeted treatment masks:

It seemed like my skin needed the first 3-4 days to adjust to the sudden burst of hydration from topical products and I had two minor breakouts that quickly subsided by day three without me putting on any anti-acne gel; my skin felt and looked way more supple and bouncy and it definitely felt like I was sporting a healthier dewy look as the days went on. Honestly though, despite the healthier look, the first three days left my skin looking a little too shiny, even for my tastes, because it felt as if the product was sitting on my skin and not being absorbed well enough; this could be because my skin was not used to getting so much hydration (FYI, depending on my schedule, I used to do the once-a-week hydration + cleansing mask routine; in fact, sometimes I can go for weeks without masking up.)

As such, after this experiment I can conclude that when I mask up:

In the morning: My makeup blended better with my skin; I experienced no further breakouts; existing acne scars started shedding slightly faster and looked less darker than what it did before; makeup looked dewy

In the evening: burst of water in the evening for my skin as it was like a pampering session overnight; I woke up with nice dewy skin that was not greasy to the touch.

All in all, I think I’m going to keep up with this experiment and sacrifice an extra 10 minutes of my time in the morning to pamper my skin…so that I can end up using less makeup to fake a healthy look, because I’m already taking a big productive step towards that 😀


Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

Loose powder: translucent or tinted?

One of the most common ways to set one’s slaaaaaayin’ base makeup (i.e. makeup base/primer, sunscreen, liquid/cream foundation or BB cream, concealer) and all sorts of (liquid) highlighting/contouring magic is to use a light dusting of loose powder. Dusting powder on top your base makeup helps to set it so that it won’t shift into any lines or slide off your face by midday. In addition, certain powders can also reduce the look of fine lines and pores. For the most part, I prefer to use either a translucent or a tinted loose powder to set my makeup in the morning, and I’ve been asked: what’s the difference?

My dear friends, there is quite the difference:

Translucent Powder

Usually of a cornstarch-white variety, translucent powder matches all skin tones when blended well. It’s great for mattifying shine and it doesn’t add a discernable amount of product to your skin as you touch up throughout the day. However, the key with this powder — and with makeup in general — is to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. if it isn’t blended properly, you can end up with terrible flashback and odd dusty white patches on your face. I prefer to set my makeup with a translucent powder on my regular work days as I need something to kill the shine, set my makeup but not look too heavy in the event when I get a little too powder-happy in the morning. On the same note, if you wanted to go sans-foundation but mattify a bit of shine, I would use translucent powder and blend well; if you want a little bit more coverage for your bare face, I’d suggest using a tinted loose powder.



Tinted Powder

Usually of a shade that is close to your foundation shade, it can be slightly lighter or darker depending on your particular purpose (i.e. if you want to even out a base product that is a smidgen too dark or too light on you and you want to balance out the tone). Powders that match your skin tone can add a little extra coverage and help conceal any spots or scars that you may have. However, it can also look thick if you go in with a heavy hand, especially as you re-apply. Having said that, the coverage that a tinted powder has is particularly useful for when one wants to go sans-foundation as a light dusting of this will mattify shine, even out one’ skin tone and add a bit of coverage to your bare face.



Happy 2016 <3

Happy New Year everyone! <3

2015 was an eventful year for me, from starting a new job to a a new blog to today: I’m blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends during this time of the year and I’m blessed to have them in my life. 🙂

I had a low-key New Year’s Eve at home with my family, and after our festive and rather filling dinner, I was on my laptop reading blogs and I came across this quote: all good things in life are worth waiting and fighting for. This will be my mantra for the year, that I should pace myself and not settle for anything that makes me less than happy, less than what I’m worth.

I look forward to 2016 being a better and happier year for myself, everyone around me and all of you happy people <3




Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care

‘Tis the season to be watchful of any sudden changes to your skin and hair as the lower humidity, moisture levels and colder temperatures can wreak havoc on you, physically and emotionally. In the next upcoming posts, I will be covering the series of products that I have started using and used before, particularly during the autumn/winter months, to help my skin last through the season:

For now, I have the following lined up:



  • Beyond Organic Detoxifying Body Oil
  • Beyond Organic Primavera Restoring Body Oil
  • Nivea Creme

Stay tuned! 🙂

Dust bunnies…

Wow. The first two weeks of work went by SO quickly. Newbie in a new environment and leadership position = the need to get on top of shit just exponentially skyrocketed so I don’t look stupid in front of the other people during department meetings when it’s your turn to report on stats. By the time I got home, I was so tired that I fell asleep around 930/10pm.

I’m well within old-lady territory by now. O_O

In addition, I opened up my makeup bag and I discovered that I’m running low/completely finished with the following items:

  • Make up primer (specifically the Maxfactor one)
  • Perricone Face Finishing Moisturizer

NOW. There’s an option where I could pop into the store and repurchase these items…but me being me…I feel like trying new things 😀 In particular, I’m curious about:

  • Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion (Pore Perfecting)
  • Urban Decay Foundation & Beauty Balm
  • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

I’m going to wait till the chaos at work dies down a little…but until then, I get to mosey around and hunt for new goodies to try out 😀

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