Organic Skincare: Antipodes Skincare

During my recent trip back to Vancouver, I discovered a new organic brand from Whole Foods that would help me with my eczema. I have struggled with perpetual eczema flare ups that would leave my face, neck and body with tight, dry and sensitive skin that would be flaky and leave my skin scarred with light brown scars that looked like a warpath all over my body.

I was at my wits end.

I gotta admit, while La Mer does work for healing my eczema flare ups and I have sung praises for its entire line on my website, my bank account is still reeling from the damage I caused 🙁

While I was waltzing down the aisle of Whole Foods in the skincare section aisle, I discovered a full line of organic skincare by a New Zealand  brand that does not use any artificial fragrances, parabens or preservatives. Since I was going makeup-free — well, foundation-free at least — to avoid irritating my skin any further, I was able to test drive the products right on my face. I mean, at the time my logic was that my skin was already in the midst of a flare-up, I might as well see if the products will ease the itchiness or if it will do nothing.

Pretty dangerous I understand, but again like I said, I was at my wits’ end.

Good thing I took that risk because I was sold right there and I procured a happy set of products right then and there when I realized that Antipodes products does not contain:

  • genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) ingredients
  • synthetic fillers or silicon derived ingredients
  • artificial colours or artificial fragrances
  • sodium lauryl sulfates
  • mineral oils
  • petrochemicals
  • animal ingredients (except honey and beeswax from living bees)
  • parabens; ethyl-, methyl-, propyl-, butyl-.

Without much further ado, here’s what I took home with me that day from Whole Foods:

Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serumimg_1651
Volume: 30ml
Price: CAD53.99

Housed in a dark glass dropper bottle, this light oil-serum is amazing in its texture for dry-sensitive skin that just needs a little more lovin’ <3 Although most people use a couple drops for their face, I actually use a full pump for my face, neck and décolletage as I feel that proper skincare should be beyond just taking care of my face and so I like to extend the hydration and any anti-aging benefits beyond it. I love how light and hydrating the serum was without feeling like it would clog my pores; for someone who has dry, tight and sensitive skin, this was a godsend as it delivered a burst of hydration and moisturization without aggravating my eczema patches on my face and neck. I wish this would come in a bigger bottle since I use it for more than my face and  I definitely  would repurchase this in a heartbeat <3  In fact, after I took a look at the ingredients from the Antipodes website itself, it just made me love the product even more:

  • Blackcurrant fruit oil: Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and GLA
  • Goji Fruit extract: Rich in amino acids, needed to build protein and repair skin
  • Raspberry Seed oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, nourishing
  • Hibiscus flower: nature’s skin brightener and gentle exfoliator

As noted on the bottle, this serum is meant to be used in the evening because of its main effect to heal dry and damaged skin, and it’s scientifically proven to stimulate elastin production in human fibroblast skin cells, which means it helps regenerate skin cells that were previously damaged.

Hosanna H20 Intensive Skin-Plumping Serumimg_1655
Volume: 30ml
Price: CAD69.99

Another serum that I picked up was this intensive hydration serum that I used during the day; housed in a brown glass dropper bottle, I used a full pump of this product on my clean skin after using a toner and Treatment Lotion, and I topped it off with the Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream. In terms of its texture, I liked how it absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a sticky, tacky feeling to it; however, based on my skin’s needs, I feel like I would use this serum during the spring/summer months as it felt like it was just another layer on my skin when it was dry and sensitive during the winter. I didn’t feel like it made my skin feel extra hydrated, but it didn’t hurt at all to have it on my face during the day either; it just didn’t have that WOW factor for me during this particular period of time. In addition,  there is quite a distinctive herby scent to it that wasn’t especially pleasant but it wasn’t off-putting either.

I took a look at the ingredients from the Antipodes website itself just to be clear about what I’m putting onto my skin:

  • Lavendula Angustfolia (Lavender) Distillate**
  • Cyathea Medullaris (Mamaku Black Fern) Leaf Extract
  • Vitis Vinifera (Vinanza Grape Grapeseed) Extract
  • Naticide (Natural Preservative)
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Essential Oil Fragrances Of French Rose Oil And Cardamon: Benzyl Benzoate*, Cinnamyl Alcohol*, Citral*, Citronellol*, D-Limonene*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*, Geraniol*, Linalool*

(*Component of Essential Oil; **Certified Organic Ingredient)

All in all, I would repurchase this product to use for the spring/summer months <3

Rejoice Light Facial Day Creamimg_1658
Volume: 60ml
Price: CAD52.99

Housed in an aluminum squeeze tube, this day cream is quite hydrating and moisturizing for my skin when I use it to finish off my skincare routine. Given that this cream is packed with manuka, avocado, macadamia and jojoba, this product really helps with moisturising and healing the skin. Although described as being light and non-oily, this moisturizer looks and feels like a thick cream but it went on light and it was absorbed quickly; personally I quite like how thick it feels to the touch because I have dry skin but at the same time, it didn’t leave my skin greasy to the touch. The only aspect that irks me is how sweet this cream is from the almond and vanilla in the ingredients; I’m not one to shy away from dessert at all but I wasn’t too keen on sweet-smelling skincare. Despite the scent, I quite like to have this as the alternative to my other holy grail, the La Mer Moisturizing Cream.

Finally, I’d also like to note how I like how travel-friendly these products are as they are in cute dropper bottles for the serums and a squeeze tube for the cream 🙂 All in all, I would be very happy to repurchase all of these items and then some to help keep my eczema-prone skin happy, hydrated and moisturized <3

For the love of…La Mer Serums <3

2016 is indeed winding down to a close and with that, I’d like to wish everyone around the world a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! 😀

The last couple of months have seen me start on a few new serums — for me — by none other than La Mer, that has really perked up my skin a LOT of notches for that nice, dewy glow that has been lost since it has gotten used to Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair series. The following serums from the skincare line are what I am using for my day and night skincare routine in this particular order:

La Mer The Revitalizing IMG_0821Hydrating Serum
Price: HKD1800
Volume: 30ml

This was a relatively new discovery as I had gotten this from the airport DFS store on my way to Vancouver from Hong Kong. After doing a quick consultation with the Google Gods, this seems to be  only sold in La Mer (North America) and it hasn’t launched in Hong Kong yet. Being the most viscous of the three, I decided to use this after patting on my Treatment Lotion and prior to the following serums in this post. I pumped out two squirts and smoothed it onto my face while lightly massaging it in. I noticed a very strong scent where although it didn’t affect my skin (i.e. dry it out, start a flare-up of eczema/atopic dermatitis or some totes fun combo of these 🙁 ), I was not a fan of it at all. Scent aside, my face has been quite happy with it; I feel like I added an extra layer of moisture to my skin and it looks…perkier. I mean, after using it for a good couple of days, morning and night, my skin looks brighter and bouncier than usual. I will note here that given that I have dry, sensitive and flaky skin, if I were to just use this on its own, I don’t think it would be nearly enough; in fact, this serum seems to work better — for me at least — when used in combination with La Mer’s The Concentrate. For all of you out there who have normal to oily skin, or just non-flaky dry skin, using this serum alone in your skincare will most likely be enough for you.

La Mer Regenerating Serum IMG_0820
Price: HKD2850
Volume: 30ml

Since I bought this serum prior to the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum, normally this would be the serum I’d use after the Treatment Lotion and before The Concentrate. Right now, I use this on alternate days with the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum because although this is just as hydrating, its main purpose is synonymous to its name: regenerate. I found that this serum is best for post-procedure or post-acne (i.e. acne scars) skin where you need a hydrating serum to help regenerate healthier skin cells and you’d top it all off with one good thick layer of hydration, The Concentrate, prior to applying the La Mer moisturizer of your choice. The one aspect that I’m not too happy with is how the bottle is not travel-friendly in the sense that although it’s pump-based with a thoughtful metal handle that swings up to stop accidental presses on the pump, the bottle itself is made of metal; it’s rather weighty.

La Mer The Concentrateimage
Price: HKD1050
Volume: 50ml

Following up with the Treatment Lotion, I would apply this serum evenly onto my face and neck, gently massaging it in as opposed to smoothing it on; it has the iconic La Mer scent to it that dissipates as soon as it is applied. Although I am allergic to added fragrances in skincare, I have had no reaction to La Mer’s products at all; in fact, my skin is hydrated, bouncy and happy 🙂 In regards to its hydrating properties, its gel-like texture did not mean that it disappeared immediately on my desert-dry, sensitive and combination skin; I smoothed it on and melted into my skin, making it feel supple and moist without that sticky feeling. In essence — pun most definitely intended here — I have swapped my trusty Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum for this Concentrate as my core facial serum to top off any of the La Mer serums I’d use underneath 😀

All in all, my skin is happy, hydrated and bouncy again <3

La Mer Series <3

I’ve been insanely busy for the past couple of months and my little spot on the Internet space has been collecting dust 🙁 However, I’m back for now with a new update on my current skincare 🙂

Let’s start off with my favourites!

La Mer Treatment Lotionimg_0115
Price: HKD1050
Volume: 150ml

Similar to the Estée Lauder Micro Essence, this Lotion is used after your toner to seal in the moisture on your skin. There are two ways to apply this: with a cotton pad or your palms; personally I chose the latter as this is way too expensive to waste on a cotton pad LOL 😀 I poured out about a quarter’s sized amount and patted it all over my face and neck. True to its name, the Treatment Lotion is easily absorbed and soothing, even for those with sensitive skin. I had a particularly bad eczema outbreak which left me with dry, itchy and scaly skin on my face and neck when I first used this lotion; although it didn’t cure me of my eczema, it certainly helped with calming it down and keeping it hydrated until I had to apply another round of moisturizer. If I had to choose between the Estée Lauder Micro Essence or this Treatment Lotion, I would prefer this Lotion because it felt more hydrating than the Micro Essence, even on my eczema flare-up days; now that my skin has more or less returned to normal, the hydrating factors are relatively more apparent than the Micro Essence.

La Mer Concentrate
Price: HKD1050
Volume: 50mlimage

Following up with the Treatment Lotion, I would apply this serum evenly onto my face and neck, gently massaging it in as opposed to smoothing it on; it has the iconic La Mer scent to it that dissipates as soon as it is applied. Although I am allergic to added fragrances in skincare, I have had no reaction to La Mer’s products at all; in fact, my skin is hydrated, bouncy and happy 🙂 In regards to its hydrating properties, its gel-like texture did not mean that it disappeared immediately on my desert-dry, sensitive and combination skin; I smoothed it on and melted into my skin, making it feel supple and moist without that sticky feeling. In essence — pun most definitely intended here — I have swapped my trusty Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum for this Concentrate as my core facial serum 🙂

La Mer The Eye Balm Intense and La Mer The Eye Concentrateimg_0127
Price: HKD1750 each
Volume: 15ml

I felt that these two were the eye version of the iconic facial moisturizer; both came with a small applicator that has a metal ball at the end to help with cooling down and de-puffing eyes 🙂 For my purposes, I am more concerned about softening fine lines than de-puffing so the applicator didn’t have much use for me; however, both eye creams are excellent in keeping my desert-dry undereyes well-moisturized without giving way to milia (whiteheads). I couldn’t detect any actual fragrance from the products, even though it’s part of the iconic line, and this only adds to my love for these eye creams as I know it won’t irritate my sensitive skin <3 Of the two, I am leaning more towards the Concentrate as it felt a little more hydrating; the Intense one seems to focus more on de-puffing and thus it’s not quite what I need. However, both are stellar eye creams and they did perform to the standard of what I had expected from luxury eye creams.

La Mer Illuminating Eye Gelimage
Price: HKD1350
Volume: 15ml

This is the only product that I tried from the line and will not be re-purchasing. Housed in a plastic bottle with a pump, the product itself is gel-based and frankly, did nothing for my undereyes. I didn’t feel that it hydrated my eyes at all, nor did it leave them looking more illuminated; perhaps those who have oily skin and minimal problems with dark circles will like this more than I did. I had much better luck with the Eye Balms as noted above.



La Mer Moisturizing Soft Creamimg_0126
Price: HKD2700
Volume: 60ml

Seeing as La Mer has a series of moisturizers, I’d like to note that they are all variations of The Original — noted below — but with different textures; there’s definitely something for everyone out there from this line 😀 This is my go-to version for all seasons 🙂 I love how this soft cream doesn’t require heating up with my palms prior to applying it; I simply scoop a little out with the spatula that it comes with and gently massage it onto my face and neck; in addition, it’s very easy to add a couple drops of facial oil to it when you need the extra glowy oomph <3 Between this and the Lotion, I feel that my skin already requires that extra hydration on a consistent basis for most of the seasons, and the Lotion just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. As such, whenever I see a promo going on for La Mer on Groupon and this is on it, I snap up backup pots! <3

Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream (The Original)image
Price: HKD2700
Volume: 60ml

Boys and girls, if and when I have to bring out the big guns for cold, dry winters, this would be it. The Original Crème de La Mer heavy-duty cream that requires a very small amount — dime-sized to begin with — to be scooped out with the spatula that it comes with, and warmed up in the palms of your hands prior to patting and pressing it onto your face. I’d like to note here that I found this relatively difficult to massage into my skin because of its rich, thick texture; it worked much better when it was pressed onto my skin and any extra-dry patches. Again, if your skin really needs that extra oomph, you can add a couple drops of facial oil to the cream that you just scooped out so that you can warm it all up together.




Most of the visitors who are on my blog often enough might have noticed that I used to be a devout Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair user; however, after using the Estée Lauder line consecutively for about four years, my skin has gotten used to it and it no longer has that radiance that I wanted my skin to have after using a dedicated skincare line; with La Mer, I have rediscovered that glow 🙂 <3

Although my bank account will most certainly beg to differ, I have become a solid convert for La Mer skincare <3

JayJun Cosmetics Refine To Shine Real Water Brightening Mask Review

Price: HKD198 (RRP)
Sheets per box: 10

Continuing with my Groupon imagehaul with the JayJun Cosmetics face masks series, this particular mask is a three-step mask, where each packet includes the respective set for their intended purpose. For starters, I tried the BabyPure Shining Mask prior to trying this Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Mask and the Skin Fit Collagen Aqua Brightening Mask.

As noted earlier, the packaging itself was interesting all on its own as the mask in this series included a Cleansing Foam (Step 1), JayJun Vita Snow Essence (Step 2) and Face Mask (Step 3). Since I have sensitive skin, I decided to do a little digging first to see what I could find about this particular mask:

  • Niacinamide – helps brighten skin tone.
  • Ceramide – great for their water-retention capacity as well as for barrier repair and cell regulation. Adding ceramides to skincare products can help restore the skin’s barrier.
  • Adenosine –  helps with skin elasticity and has anti-aging properties.

Aside from this generic translation from the box itself, frankly, there wasn’t much about this mask and JayJun Cosmetics in general, other than it’s a top Korean plastic surgery company and that their masks are designed for patients in post-surgery recovery; as such, I gather that they have the hypoallergenic and sensitivity areas down pat.

Moving onto the mask itself, one is expected to wash their face with the Cleansing Foam, tone their face with their (preferably alcohol-free) toner of choice prior to applying the JayJun Vita Snow Essence (Step 2) and of course, the Face Mask (Step 3) itself, so I did exactly that 😀 First, the Cleansing Foam did what it was supposed to do without drying out my skin or offending my nose — it does have a bit of a fragrance that dissipates very quickly but my skin didn’t react to it so I’m (still) thanking my lucky stars 😀 Surprisingly, when I put on the essence, I couldn’t really detect any fragrance, nor did my skin react to it so again, the stars were aligned for me when I was trying out the mask 😀 Finally, for the pièce de résistance, when I took the mask out of the packet, I was definitely in for a surprise.

The structure of the mask itself it’s different from the BabyPure Shining Mask in that it’s a much better cut, fit and thickness; this is not to mention that it’s not of the traditional white cotton colour, but instead it’s a pure black coloured cotton mask. It was definitely an unconventional colour as I’d initially thought that the manufacturers had dunked it in a black dye, but it had no bearing on its effectiveness at all 😀 Comparatively speaking, I like this mask much more than the BabyPure on solely based on the fit and cut of the mask; the hydration levels were very much comparable for my skin conditions: equally excellent for their price ranges 😀

I tried this mask on several different occasions, all of which included dry, patchy skin as well as redness, and this mask dealt with all of those problems as well as providing my skin with an extra boost of hydration <3 I popped this on for a good 20 minutes prior to peeling it off and then proceeding with my usual skincare, and good Lord, my skin was glowy, healthy and hydrated <3

If I were to choose between the BabyPure and this one — haven’t tried the Skin Fit Collagen Aqua Brightening Mask yet so I’ll get on with that STAT — I would probably repurchase the latter more so than the former mainly because I liked the fit of the Water Brightening mask on my face more, and I can see how I could bring a couple packets of this mask with me on trips and I would be able to get away with not having to bring a cleanser and/or one less serum 😀 Definitely a great skincare item to bring along on trips 😀


[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”jayjun-cosmetics-refine-to-shine-real-water-brightening-black-mask” show=”all”]JayJun Cosmetics Refine To Shine Real Water Brightening Mask

JayJun Cosmetics BabyPure Shining Mask Review


Price: HKD224 (RRP)image
Sheets per pack: 10

As part of my Korean skincare haul from Groupon, the JayJun Cosmetics facial mask series are meant to be a two- or three-step mask, where each packet includes the respective set for their intended purpose. For starters, I tried this mask first before the other two, Refine to Shine Real Water Brightening Mask and the Skin Fit Collagen Aqua Brightening Mask.

As noted earlier, the packaging itself was interesting all on its own as the mask in this series included an Essence (Step 1), Mask (Step 2) and Eye Cream (Step 3). Since I have sensitive skin, I decided to do a little digging first to see what I could find about this mask and the entire series:

Step 1: 1.5ml Essence

  • Concentrated supplement and nicotinamide adenosine improves skin elasticity
  • Contains ginseng extract and vitamins

Step 2: 25ml mask

  • Moisturises and soothes skin

Step 3: 1.5ml eye cream

  • Maintains moisture around eye area

Aside from this generic translation from the box itself, frankly, there wasn’t much about this mask and JayJun Cosmetics in general, other than it’s a top Korean plastic surgery company and that their masks are designed for patients in post-surgery recovery; as such, I gather that they have the hypoallergenic and sensitivity areas down pat.

imageOnto the mask itself then 😀

One is expected to wash and tone their face prior to doing Step 1 and onwards, and so I did exactly that 😀 When I put on the essence, I could smell the light herby, ginseng scent that was noted earlier and although it dissipated very quickly, it’s something to take note of if you’re not a big fan of that kind of scent — or scents in general. Next, the structure of the mask itself was a thin cotton-gel/silicon hybrid where it was too thin to be just purely cotton and too much of a fibre feel to it for it to be a full-on gel or plastic-y silicon item — I’m not quite sure how I feel about this texture. Since the mask is thin, it easily molded to my face but I was disappointed at how large the eyes and mouth holes were cut — they were ginormous. It’s not exactly the best fit; in fact, for the excellent hydrating effect that this mask delivered, the cut and fit of the mask was a major con for this product.

Aside from the cut and fit, the mask itself was excellent! My skin did not react adversely to it and it looked and felt plump, hydrated and smooth afterwards 🙂 Finally, the eye cream that came with the mask was in a generous quantity — I had enough for my FACE. 😀 Therefore, instead of using it for my eyes, I used it for my face instead and it worked out beautifully, in particular during the day as the eye cream is really good as a lightweight moisturizer prior to my makeup for this hot and sticky summer 😀

All in all, I actually would repurchase this mask solely for the fact that it’s a wonderful three-step mask that would eliminate my need for extra products in the morning and in particular, if I were to bring this mask for my trips, I would definitely save extra space in my makeup kit <3


[shopify embed_type=”product” shop=”” product_handle=”jayjun-cosmetics-baby-pure-shining-mask” show=”all”]JayJun Cosmetics BabyPure Shining Mask

New Discoveries with Korean Skincare <3

As most readers might know, I’m an avid supporter of sourcing new goodies from Groupon and Sasa, and I’m very excited to be reviewing the following for you all because, frankly, at the rate that I go through face masks — day and night, literally — I need cost-effective and actually effective products on rotation to keep my skin and wallet happy <3 Without further ado, here are the items that I sourced:


Reviews to follow 😀

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foamimage

Price: HKD290
Volume: 100ml

Continuing with my new Cleansing Balm from DFS, I also bought this Cleansing Cream purely out of curiosity. Packaged in a soft plastic squeeze tube with screw top, this product is travel-friendly and perfect for most seasons 🙂 As a lightweight, mildly-foaming cleansing cream, I found that this cleanser gently but effectively cleaned my face without leaving it dry and parched 😀 It has a very natural and light, lavender and chamomile scent to it that gives the cleansing process a more therapeutic feel to it <3  

However, I would like to note here that although this is hydrating enough for me to use most seasons, I would realistically use this more often in the morning during the colder/drier months because I normally wear a full mug of makeup, and I find that the Cleansing Balm would be a better bet to remove it all, as opposed to the Cleansing Foam, which I feel is built for light- or no-makeup mugs 🙂 During the hotter/muggier months here in Hong Kong, I prefer to reach for a gel-based cleanser, of which my current fave is my La Mer Cleansing Gel <3

All in all, an excellent find from DFS <3

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm Review

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balmimage

Price: HKD360
Volume: 70ml

I saw this Cleansing Balm along with the Cleansing Foam at the DFS counters and I just had to try them out 😀

Meant for the removal of heavy, waterproof makeup, this is a silky, almost sherbet-like cleansing balm that one would scoop out a dollar (or a quarter, if you’re American :D) sized amount with a spatula — or clean fingers — and massage it onto the mug full of base makeup before adding warm water to it for emulsification and then finally washed off to reveal a clean, hydrated, makeup-free mug 😀 I’d like to note here that I prefer to use a separate makeup remover for my eyes, but I feel that those of you who’d like a two-in-one product, this can also efficiently remove eye makeup 😀

Fortified with lavender and chamomile for a calming and relaxing experience, I love the process of removing my makeup every night because of how soothed my senses become from the light lavender and chamomile, while my skin is completely makeup-free and left without feeling tight or dehydrated <3 If you’re a newbie to the cleansing balm world, and you wanted to try this kind of product out before committing yourself to something spa-like and luxurious, aside from getting samples, I would suggest that you try the budget-friendly Banila Co. Clean It Zero Sherbet Cleanser as an introductory but effective product 🙂

I would like to note that although the cleansing power of this product is stellar, I’m not a huge fan of the packaging as it’s not travel-friendly; it’s quite a large and cumbersome plastic jar; I suppose that one could scoop some out into a clean jar but for trips, I’d probably stick with cleansing oils because those can be easily decanted and toted along. 🙂

Diorsnow White Reveal Perfecting Makeup Base Review

Diorsnow White Reveal Perfecting Makeup Base

Price: HKD 368 (Sasa) | HKD400 (RRP)
Shade/Type: Rose
SPF: 35image

Hands down, I love this makeup base for the summer.

I picked this up along with the Diorskin Nude foundation from Sasa because a) they were on sale and b) as a member, I get an additional 5% discount off the sale price and c) I got to redeem my cash dollars….so YAAAAAAS. I saved QUITE a bit on these two items 😀

Onto the base itself, I bought it in the hopes of brightening up my Diorskin Forever foundation as I’d gotten the 020 and frankly, it oxidizes just a titch too much on my skin for my liking; it comes in the Blue shade as well as a beige shade but I wanted a healthier, slightly rosier tone in addition to the brightening effect rather than the all-brightening/whitening effect that the Blue shade one would bring, or the beige one for correcting yellow tones for that matter, hence I got the Rose one instead 🙂 Housed in a small plastic bottle with a twist cap, one would need to shake it up well before squeezing out a small amount for use. This color-correcting base is a light pink colour and its lightweight, liquid-like texture applies easily and absorbed well without leaving a greasy touch. In addition, I love how the formula also allows for a solid SPF 35 so it’s an extra layer of sun protection on top of one’s regular sun care products 🙂 I’ve used this base with my Dior foundations (Forever, Star and Nude), Estée Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation as well as my Revlon Colorstay and I’ve had excellent success with all of them <3

As a side note, I personally would choose to use this product over my Bobbi Brown CC cream during the summer as I find that although both are fantastic products that allow my skin to look healthy and rosy while providing the same level of SPF protection, the Bobbi Brown one does leave me a little shinier during the summer, whereas the Dior one does not; I have yet to try this Dior one during the winter months/in a drier, colder climate as at the time of writing, to add to the mugginess of it all we’re also reaching temperatures of 35 degrees celcius here in Hong Kong; as such, I need a product that provides the right amount of hydration for my combination-dry skin without amping up any more moisturization as I already have a face cream for that. As such, for now, the Bobbi Brown one is fantastic for the drier and colder months/climates.

All in all, this was a fantastic find at Sasa and I’m definitely repurchasing a bottle when I run out of it for this summer 😀

Fancl Whitening Essence Review

Fancl Whitening Essenceimage

Price: HKD335
Volume: 18ml

Continuing with my Fancl haul, the Whitening Essence in the Perfect Whitening Kit is the pièce de résistance as it is recommended to use this product prior to putting on the Whitening sheet mask, and then one would follow up with the Overnight Brightening Mask; in addition, the Essence is also safe to use for both day and night even on non-mask days — provided that proper sun care is in place in one’s routine.

As per my research, I love the fact that all of Fancl products are created with only essential ingredients beneficial to our skin and are free of additives like fragrance, alcohol, petroleum surfactants, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial colors. The brand also places a lot of emphasis on their products being gentle and safe and thus the reason why many of their products are deliberately packaged in small bottles as it would be enough for a 30-day supply to ensure freshness and all bottles come with fully sealed caps to be removed before use. Best of all, all skincare packages bear a manufacturing date, providing total transparency for consumers.

In regards to the product itself, the pump bottle is a great dispenser for the product and I like how there is a small grey back at the back of the bottle that changes colour when it’s almost empty. Being fragrance-free, the the Essence has a gel-like texture and it is easily and quickly absorbed upon application. I used this Essence diligently day and night on my entire face as opposed to a spot treatment, as well as in combination with the Whitening and Overnight Brightening masks; given that I have sensitive skin, I was and still am very wary about whitening/brightening products as there is a high chance of my skin turning red, raw and itchy if it’s too strong of a formula/has artificial fragrance/ just plain makes my skin unhappy. I am, however, very happy to report that up till now, my skin is still good to go with zero irritations or redness 🙂

With this in mind, I feel that this Essence works a little slower than what one would imagine with whitening/brightening products. For my skin’s sake, I’m completely okay with this kind of treatment process to go a little slower; I would rather have my skin gradually clear up and brighten up with a little extra help from treatments like this, rather than a relatively instantaneous peel that would most likely leave my skin a titch too red and raw. Just a titch 🙁 In terms of results, my skin looks brighter and clearer; my acne scars have lightened up quite a bit and I feel that it’s because I used the Essence in addition to the rest of the products in the Perfect Whitening Kit 🙂

All in all, I can see myself popping back out to Fancl for a second bottle once this one runs out as an ongoing skin brightener as opposed to a more…fast-acting, short-term treatment. <3

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